Technical assistance – Manawan eco-centre and engineered landfill site

project outline

The mandate awarded to Groupe Alphard consisted of technical support for Consortium Écho-Logique in the construction of an engineered landfill site and an eco-centre for the Atikamekw community of Manawan, Quebec.


Consortium Écho-Logique


Manawan, Québec



services provided

  • Revision of construction methods in accordance with regulatory requirements
  • Preliminary engineering of landfill trenches, including the dimensions and geometry of trenches for project landfill volume.
  • Engineering design of the landfill site
  • Preliminary site plans for the landfill trenches
  • Preliminary site plans for material storage areas and vehicle parking and maintenance areas
  • Preliminary engineering for final site closure
  • Revision of construction plans for the eco-center produced by Consortium Écho-Logique to improve vehicle access
  • Technical specifications for the construction of embankments and earthworks
  • Preliminary project schedule and construction cost estimates

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