Quality control during the installation of bituminous geomembrane

project outline

The Government of Canada gained ownership of Tundra Mine (NWT) in 1999 and became responsible for its remediation. As part of the remediation plan, the tailings from the site were consolidated into an area of approximately 230,636 m2 and were covered with an impervious system to prevent contamination of the surface water. A portion of the installation work was performed prior to 2017; with Phase IIB comprising the installation of the remaining 100,000 m2.

The impervious system included a prepared subgrade, with a bituminous geomembrane (BGM) installed overtop, a geotextile above and below the BGM for puncture protection, and a protective cover layer of natural materials installed overtop.

Groupe Alphard, as a subcontractor of the general contractor, was mandated with implementing the Quality Control Program for the installation of the impervious system, including approving the subgrade quality, testing the BGM, monitoring the overall quality of all of the installation works, and finally inspecting the covered BGM after test pits have been dug in the protective cover layer. A final liner installation report was submitted detailing the above works.

The project was completed during the summer and fall of 2017.


Northern Affairs Canada / Public Services and Procurement Canada


Northwest Territories, Canada



services provided

  • Site supervision during capping construction
  • Quality control of geosynthetic materials
  • Technical assistance during capping construction; production of technical sheets
  • Daily quality reports and final liner installation report

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