Installation of a sludge transfer pump

project outline

Groupe Alphard’s mandate consisted of producing detailed engineering and tender specification documents for the new progressive cavity pump installation project. With an 85 cubic meters per hour capacity, the new pump would transfer the thickened sludge between Québec City’s “EST” wastewater treatment plant (STEU-Est) and the sludge treatment plant (STB).

The purpose of the project was to ensure that the transfer capacity of the thickened sludge from the wastewater treatment plant to the sludge treatment plant would be maintained regardless of a malfunction of one or both of the membrane pumps currently in operation at wastewater treatment plan. The new pump was therefore installed in parallel with the two membrane pumps. The pump operates at a variable rate and its operation is integrated into the existing control system.


Québec City


Québec City, Québec



services provided

  • Detailed engineering;
  • Plans and specification;
  • Functional specifications of the project's programming;
  • Design of a new control logic for the inclusion of future installations;
  • Construction costs within +/-10% of the estimate;
  • Project schedule adherence;
  • Technical analysis of bids;
  • Construction supervision;
  • Operations manual;
  • As-built plans;
  • Final acceptance of works.

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