Cable machine safety systems

project outline

The project consisted in the production of a risk analysis grill and the presentation of risk reduction measures (RRM) for the operation of the “Reek Power” (WK series) cable baller and its related support systems.

The mandate awarded to Groupe Alphard comprised a risk analysis study to identify potential dangers in the operation and maintenance of existing equipment. Following the completion of this study, various safety solutions were proposed in a collaborative work session with Hydro-Québec staff and representatives to ensure that potential solutions did not have adverse effects on the site operation and maintenance. Detailed electrical and mechanical engineering services were then provided to implement the chosen solution.







services provided

  • Technical surveys of the work site and related areas;
  • Risk analysis study;
  • Safety solutions study;
  • Electrical engineering design for the chosen safety solution, including safety devices and emergency stops;
  • Mechanical engineering design for the chosen safety solution, including guards, brakes, and other devices identified during the safety solutions study.

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